Web and Mobile applications are an integral part of our everyday life. Modern world is based on these applications and we, at Algonics, have been developing cross-platform web and mobile apps for last 10 years. ERP systems, responsive and dynamic web sites, insurance management systems - we have expertise in almost every aspect of modern day web applications.

What we do

We develop cross-platform, responsive, user-friendly and modern web applications with very strong and highly available cloud backend. Our expertise enables us to build web applications which can be extended to mobile platforms without a glitch and can handle thousands of parallel users using those applications.

In some recent projects, we have developed applications which can record audio, show live-streams directly from cameras, log millions of data, generate reports, show graphs & charts; all in a browser window. Our web applications can run on any modern browser and mobile applications are supported on all the popular mobile platforms.

How we do

Every web or mobile application has two primary parts, the frontend and the backend. Frontend is what we see, i.e. the User Interface(UI). Backend is the business logic which runs on the server.

We build the web application UI with modern and reliable technologies like BootStrap, HTML5, CSS3 and Angular JS . For the cross-platform mobile applications, we use the technologies like ionic, cordova, phonegap, Xamarin, and sometimes native Android or iOS frameworks.

The backends of our web and mobiles app are primarily based on Python. We combine relational databases like Maria Db, non-relational database like Mongo Db and cache server like Redis with Python to build reliable and fast backends. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the core of our cloud infrastructure to provide secure, scalable and highly-available backend.

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