If you need to use modern computing power and networking technology beyond the physical boundary of computers and servers, come to us. We are masters of interfacing computers and intelligent systems to other systems. If you need an automated manufacturing system, to control traffic, regulate power flow, log and analyse instrument data, Algonics is your one stop solution. We can bring your data to the internet, give it to your mobiles and seamlessly interface with your legacy systems. Some of our solutions are as below.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) on Browser

Ever wondered how computers extend beyond the server rack or the PC / Laptop box to physical instruments and devices? How does the computer and software connect to railway signalling systems, power supplies to cities and monitoring power consumption of thousands of consumers, countrywide monitoring of weather, and the making of steel? Or, how does the future Internet of Things (IOT) connects to mobiles and servers?

To acheive the above, we need a staged and well architectured layers of networking, electronic controllers and software tuned accordingly. Algonics provides complete expertise and solutions to acheive this. We have cross platform expertise spanning computer software, networking, data concentrators and PLCs and its interfaces to sensors and actuators. To weave the above fabric of electronic solutions, we have developed our core product: HMI on browser. This gives a graphical interface on all commonly available browsers in computers, tablets and mobile devices. This extends human control from a mobile device to controlling a physical system distributed geographically anywhere on the globe but connected on a suitable network.

Automation Applications

We develop complete automation solutions with web based UI, Mobile apps, Stand alone services and Big Data architecture. We have the expertise to develop automation solutions which meets the global trend of user interface and system architecture.

Our solutions include communication and data logging from PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), Railway's Datalogger (and similar) systems and Smart meters; with various database systems which include traditional database systems like Microsoft SQL Server, My Sql etc. as well as modern non-relational database systems like MongoDB for large amount of data storage. We develop automation applications on different platforms which include Android , iOS, Windows PC, Linux and as well as modern and responsive web applications.