A tectonic shift is unfolding in the world of commutation towards a greener future in the form of Electric Vehicles. The technology has developed to an extent where mass roll out of Electric Vehicles is feasible. But a nationwide electric vehicle charging network is essential to make the change a success. Vehicles need to be charged fast safely and reliably along with an easy transparent monitoring, recording and payment system. To make a uniform infrastructure, the government is adopting Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for all charging stations to be compatible with central monitoring systems.

Our expertise

Algonics has the expertise to design and develop all the aspects of the power electronics, embedded IOT systems, communication, central monitoring systems, mobile Apps for the infrastructure. We design and develop different aspects of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure :

1. Power Electronics for high power DC chargers.

2. IoT and HMI for Charge point monitoring, controlling and communication.

3. OCPP compliant CMS (Central Monitoring System) and charge point firmware.

4. Billing, Payment system integration and Management systems.

5. Cross-platform applications to facilitate Electric Vehicle charging.

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