We have proven expertise in remote data logging and control over GPRS / PSTN based links. Development of different computerized automated test benches and test equipments. Specialized devices for Indian Railways and Electricity Utility Companies. We also provide integration services for SCADA systems and other integration for SMART GRID applications.

Embedded Systems

Algonics Systems Pvt.Ltd.

Algonics excels in conceptualising, designing and development of applications using computers interfaced with physical sensors, signals and devices. We have long expertise with micro-controllers, DSPs, LCD interfacing, signal processing for various sensors and interconnections with other intelligent devices. We have developed customised systems for Railway Signalling systems, Data Loggers, IOT applications, automated test benches and various other automation applications. We have developed complete HMI engine for interfacing with PLCs, controllers and intelligent third party systems.

Digital Power Supplies

Algonics Systems Pvt.Ltd.

With the enhancement of computing power and miniaturisation following the Moore's law, real time algorithmic control by mathematical means have become incredibly powerful in the last decade. This progress along with advanced signal interfacing has given us powerful DSP (digital signal processing) capabilities. This DSP capability when put together with powerful fourth generation switching devices like IGBTs and MOSFETs has given immense capability to control electrical power, both AC and DC. Algonics has a proven expertise in all these cross disciplinary domains and delivers appropriate and innovative solutions in digital power supplies and devices. The important applications are:

1.   Grid tied regenerative electronic loads.
2.   Precision voltage and frequency controlled digital AC power sources.
3.   MPPT based solar pump controllers and hybrid power supplies.
4.   Vector Drives for motors.

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Algonics Systems Pvt.Ltd.

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